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    Nicolas Guillermo
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    I have been investing in Bitcoin and I caught the wave at the end of 2016, earning some money off the crypto-currency, buying low and selling high. Now, it is on a decline and as the platform I used to purchase the coins, takes a week to give you your value, it seems impractical to try to use bitcoin for short term purchases unless the value goes up after you decide to buy and you are in luck with the trends.

    Speculators suggest it’s worth owning a coin and just holding it until the big day when a single coin could be worth a million dollars.

    There are many other alt-coins however, many show much promise. with it’s DASH coin, whose home base is here in Arizona, like RIPAC, shows much promise I’m doing research on this and I’ll let you all know the progress I have of working with the company.

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