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The current globalized economy is in a downward spiral of debt and inflation.

An economy can thrive when based on non-inflationary gold and silver.  A metal backed currency has a real value between people. Paper currency is a note of debt, property of the Federal Reserve, that is to be paid back to the federal reserve at the end of the year after your taxes.

The Federal Reserve is not federal. It is owned by private banks and mortgage lenders with their own self-interests. This is why we need a local economy that works for us! Our entire state can unite together and bring forward a new model of economic prosperity.

Today we have new digital currencies that can provide more stable economic securities that paper money. A future tangible and digital currency backed by gold and silver will offer value never before known on the planet. Money can be so secure, it can be protected from theft, from destruction, and backed by non-inflationary metals that can be traded globally.

The best solution we can begin to apply now is to keep the economy localized and spend with locally owned businesses. By uniting with local businesses for small business-friendly initiatives and referenda, we can push citizens ballot proposals and unite the people for  commonly desired political solutions. The people will begin to trade with the businesses that help them organize behind common societal goals. The economy will thrive and the people will unite.

RIPAC seeks to direct our members to local directories for each state our members are from. Our directories will allow people to find local businesses in their cities and towns, for all the products they need. We are an organization objectively for ballot propositions, but understanding how local economy and the potential congruence between the needs of people in communities and their local businesses, we are partnering with an organization which will provide much needed 3rd party services to create the infrastructure for activism that will make our project a success.

Liberty Economy is creating three unique block-chain projects that form a perfect trifecta to solve current activism dilemmas with fundraising and journalism needs as well as removing ballot access barriers.

RIPAC is partnering with GOVERNANCE ORGANIZATION (GO) to create the mainstream local block-chain economy.

Governance Organization will be available for public use when we have substantial support and funding.

We seek to create a permanent free database for the businesses who are unique and locally owned.

The solution of creating the local business directories is a sure way to enable a stronger local economy.

Our cities are being drained of resources and the solutions below offer comfort to the politically awakened masses. We need people to rise up and participate in critical mass actions for our communities.

Along with volunteerist solutions, RIPAC promotes direct solutions that set us apart from all others.

As a member of RIPAC, you can help get behind legislation that will empower communities to eliminate and end debt to the Federal Reserve, dissolving it’s power directly.

Otherwise, even as more and more people can switch to alternative currencies, the Fed will still fund war and corporate welfare against our interest until we directly determine how our States address the policy that enables it.

Here are three pieces of model legislation that we have been archived to ensure we can build teams of people around getting them on our State ballots. We can use resources RIPAC is putting together and even duplicate what RIPAC is doing yourself, and work along with us, to further decentralize our movement ensuring solutions are directly available to people in your State with you.

Legalize Crypto-Currency and Precious Metals and Legal Tender – Join us to make sure the State and the Feds can’t tax our fiat traded for alternative currencies of our choice.

End Property Taxes – Join us so we can end the property taxes that keep us in perpetual debt slavery, coerced to participate in the fiat economy. When our land is free to live on, we can be free.

Create a State Bank – End all future debt to the Federal Reserve that your State accrues. Let’s make sure they don’t take our natural resources like water reserves, to pay of debt we never consented too. This is not a solution to inflation, but it stops future debt creating a harmonious solution with the other two pieces of model legislation.

RIPAC is here to partner with local businesses and individuals who offer unique products and services and who are engaged in the community.

We would like all small business owners to contact us about being in our permanent free directory. It will be 100% free for life offer direct objective support for projects in your community.

Can you can see how a permanent free directory of all the locally owned businesses who use crypto-currency to fund community projects would be beneficial?

Lets make it happen, let’s create the directories, let’s develop the crypto-currencies that contribute towards community projects, let’s direct more valuable currency into our community and create the ecosystem to have that money circulate continuously.

As a member of RIPAC, you are helping to contribute to the vision.

With continued support, we will build the directories.

We are here to offer holistic solutions to our total social, political and economic systems.


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