Earn Compounding Interest on Bitcoin!

High Yield Investment Programs (HYIP) are those that offer daily payouts for investors based on professional trading strategies. Bitcoin programs exist that now offer ordinary people to get in a profit space based on the Bitcoin value.

If you have not yet had a formal introduction. Cryptocurrency is about additional security and hedging profits from your savings, and a revolution in humanity’s understanding of money.

I will be presenting more info about my research on this channel soon. I hope you can learn from me, and I from you, about being financially independent, for all our knowledge should be shared to help one another thrive.

Ethically, there is more value to Bitcoin, as an autonomous deflationary currency based on math, than FIAT government money which inflates and loses value, is backed by oil and war. This money is tied to innovation as new companies with services and products are coming onto the market to help people. Using Bitcoin and competitive currency is practically the most moral thing you can do with money.

Deterministically, as the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency ecosystem evolves, there will be more security over our money than anything any bank or any government will ever provide. We are individually transforming the world with every bit of money we transfer into the deflationary cryptocurrency universe.

Financially, a solid HYIP program would serve better than Bitcoin alone because it’s pegging its profits off of Bitcoin’s volatility, to produced compounding interest on the Bitcoin originally invested. Rather than just hold Bitcoins, greater value can be earned with having some stake in a HYIP program.

Let me introduce you to crypto-currency that makes sense. You need a plan to profit. Buying in, getting alternative coins you like and holding is not your full potential. There are many ways to earn residual income with cryptocurrency. HYIP programs are just another way to earn that is predicated on the same trading you can do, but having another professional company do it for you so you can relax and let your money make money for you.

There is a great risk in most cases and many HYIP programs turn into scams. I hope to teach you from my lessons how to get into this space with a clear understanding so you don’t make the mistakes I have. HYIP sounds like hype and often they offer deals that sound too good to be true, and they fold.

However, one stands apart from the rest and this one is working to establish confidence in the model with more modest yields. Professional traders earn great yields daily, using arbitration robots to automatically trade micro-fluctuations they manage the financial world. The idea of having a Bitcoin arbitration program that pays off its investors is sound. Now, we have a solid Bitcoin investment program that pays you back double your bitcoin investment and more.

Bitconnect is an open source program with its own currency that pays investors for holding long-term, known as “proof of stake”. This along with their lending strategy encourage investors to want to hold their currency and maintain its value among traders.

Its value increases from new investors bidding in the free market and from profits they make off of Bitcoin trades they do themselves with the help of an arbitration robot.

Furthermore, the currency can be also be mined by people who invest in mining hardware. Earnings accumulate and can be invested in their arbitration program, simply for hosting the hardware and paying the electric bill.

Using the program is easy and there are straightforward answers on the site to help you. There are two wallets, one online and one that is to be saved to your computer.

Bitconnect is among the top market capitalization cryptos of about 1 billion dollars at the time of this writing. I have been paid back in full in less than the 100 days from my investment contract.

See this spreadsheet to see how compound interest can make you wealthy over time.

IMPORTANT: Follow all directions when using their computer wallet, keep your password and backup your wallet so if it’s ever erased you can restore it from another computer.

You need Bitcoin to buy a Bitconnect investment and you will want your own wallet with private keys to save your Bitcoin most securely as well.

Coinbase offers a good price from a safe vendor in the United States who is going along with the SEC and not likely to get shut down. Coinbase requires a good week to process orders or so if you need a faster way to acquire it, you can also use Coinmama or CEX.

If you’re already in Bitcoin, please join my Bitconnect community by signing up through my affiliate link. I’ll be happy to work with you directly to spread the coins adoption far and wide as a member of my team. The payouts are becoming really amazing and it’s clear that they are a public company that is trading professionally and paying you back for your investment they leverage on the market.


Buy your bitcoin and then invest in Bitconnect here.

Join the Friends Learning Crypto Facebook group I created on the topics of Bitcoin and crypto-currency. I hope I can help you as others have helped me. The profit has enabled me too soon pursue starting my own business for activism. I plan to soon be financially independent because of cryptocurrencies and smart investments with them such as this Bitconnect program.

What are your dreams? What will you do with your life when you are financially able to retire?


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