Wyoming Signature Requirements

Signature Requirements:

  • State Initiative Statutes and State Referenda – 15% of the signatures of the voters who voted in the last General Election.
  • U.S. Senate, U.S. House and Governor. Partisan Candidates –  $250 filing fee – Minor Parties require 2% of the votes cast for the office sought in the last General Election.
  • State Offices – Partisan Candidates $20 filing fee.
  • Recalls – 25% of all registered electors in the city or town with NO TIME RESTRICTION FOR GATHERING SIGNATURES!

Article 3 of the Wyoming Constitution provides citizens the right to Statewide Initiatives and Referenda.

Wyoming would allow local I&R as described in the State Statutes for the “Commission form of Government Cities,” but today, there are no cities in the state that use this system.

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