Tennesses Signature Requirements

Signature Requirements:

  • Local I&R 10% – 33% of the voters who voted in local elections that varies city to city.
  • Recalls – 15% – 66%
  • Nominations: 25 signatures for all offices.
  • Deadlines for Local I&R: 60 – 80 days depending on the city.
  • Deadlines for Recalls: No limit for School Board, 75 days for other local officials.

Article XI section 9 provides citizens the right to local charter amendment initiatives.

Local Charter Amendment Initiatives are allowed in: Algood, Bristol, Cookeville, Eagleville, Hartsville, Trousdale, Lynchburg, Moore, Gatlinburg, Nashville, Knoxville, Shelby, Chatanooga, Murfreesboro and Jackson

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