There are solutions that will empower us to be successful in our pursuits.

RIPAC envisions an empowered populous. We must know how to empower our own lives and then further our abilities to empower our community. Each person who joins us is a member, and as a member, you’re part of our family. Like a family that depends on one another, it’s in our best interests to help each other in all ways possible. You help RIPAC by being a member. RIPAC helps you by sharing ways to unlock your true potential to save our nation.

With community and support, we feel accepted and loved. We must find the drive inside us to live our lives as we know we were destined. We all have so much untapped potential, the resources RIPAC collects and shares with our members help us all achieve our highest abilities.

It’s time we accept that we are worth more than we have been giving ourselves credit for.
It’s time we acknowledge we have the power to change our world and we use that power to shape our future.
It’s time we take a stand to lift up our spirits and find out what we are really capable of.
It’s time to learn how to master our lives and become a league of unstoppable activists who will save our world!
It’s time we realize our dreams.

Once we empower ourselves with self-improvement technologies known as positive psychology, we can become the most engaged and active members of our community and see that our individual missions to help local causes are carried out with diligence and steadfast determination.

Positive Psychology makes a total difference in our lives!

As a member of RIPAC, we will engage you with others in building a motivation oriented community to empower our lives and become successes in all of our various paths in life.

When you become empowered, you have greater potential to empower others yourself.

We all have potential within us to become great leaders.

We must tap into that power and use it.

Our world is waiting for us!

Direct Democracy takes work, so having healthy activists working for the people is essential. Once we are ready to get active and push our limits for our causes, we can chose any one of more areas of ballot activism to get involved in.

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