New York Signature Requirements

Signature Requirements: 

  • Local Initiatives require two rounds of signatures. First Round: 10% or 33,000 whichever is less, to get on in front of the legislature for approval, if the legislature fails to approve the measures proponents of local initiatives can gather a Second Round of an additional 5% of 15,000 whichever is less, to put their measure on the ballot.
  • Nominations: U.S. Senate and Statewide Executive Offices: 15,000 signatures – U.S. House: Partisan Candidates – 1,250, Independent Candidates – 3,500 – State Senate: Partisan Candidates – 1000 signatures, Independent Candidates – 3000 signatures – House of Representatives: Partisan Candidates 500 signatures – Independent Candidates: 1,500 signatures
  • Deadlines: Charter Amendments – First Round: NONE – Second Round: between two to four months after the First Round.
  • Constitutional Convention – Automatic every 20 years.

New York Consolidated Laws, Municipal Home Rule, Article 4, Part 2, §37 gives New York citizens the right to Home Rule and binding local charter amendments.

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