Model Legislation

A core element of RIPAC is to archive model legislation.

Members Benefits:

Voting results are determined with metadata drawing from various third party blockchain voting applications and finding a mean result of them all. Included are the various factors that will determine each State organizations prioritized ballot efforts.

  • Approval Voting – vote up and vote down all projects you desire.
  • Fact Consensus – vote to confirm you agree with facts presented or provide an argument based on facts you can provide yourself.
  • Monetary Backing – vote with your contribution, contribute to the projects you want to support directly.

Legislation Selection, Editing and Drafting

All members may edit and amend base legislation line by line as desired or create legislation anew. There are limited restrictions based on the common consent of other participating members and the non-aggression principle, to not empower government with the right to use violence to achieve its goals.

All verified members are given access to groups for an International group and the State or Nation group that discusses strategies for drafting the best model legislation of choice.

We have archived the legislation to nullify any Federal action that violates our rights from the Tenth Amendment Center

Base Legislation: