Maryland Signature Requirements

Signature Requirements:

  • Referenda: Statewide Referenda: 3% of the votes cast in the last election Gubernatorial election.
  • Local Referenda: 10% of the votes cast in the last election Gubernatorial election.
  • Nominations: Partisan Candidates, Greens and Libertarians – U.S. Senate. $290 filing fee – U.S. Congress – $100 filing fee – State House or Legislature $50 filing fee. Write In Candidates submit certificate of candidacy.
  • Referenda Deadline: The first deadline for 2/3rds of the signatures on a referendum petition is 40 days after a controversial law goes into effect.
  • Charter Amendments: 20% or 10,000 voters signatures. Available in only select areas.

Article XI Section 4 provides Maryland citizens the right to home rule charter amendments by Initiative process. 

Maryland Code Article 25 A 8 provides Maryland citizens the right to Referenda.

Charter Amendment Cities: Allegany, Caroline, Charles, Kent, Queen Anns, Worcester Counties: Anne Arundle, Baltimore, Dorchester, Harford, Howard, Montgomery, Prince George’s, Talbot, Wicomico

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