Louisiana Signature Requirements

Signature Requirements:

  • Only a few counties and cities have current Initiative and/or Referenda rights. Alexandria, Houma, Monroe, Bossier, Lafayette, Shreveport
  • Home Rule Charters – 10% to 20% of the signatures from registered voters in the district, depending on the city.
  • Recalls: 331/3% of voters who voted in the last election – 40% if district has less than 1000 people.
  • Deadlines: Recalls: 180 days – 90 days if district has less than 1000 people.


Section 26 Article 10 of the Louisiana Constitution gives citizens the right to Recall, Home Rule Charters, Legislative Referrals and Legislative Constitutional Conventions

Article 6 Part 1 Section 5 give all Charter Cities and Counties the right to Initiative

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