Illinois Signature Requirements

Signature Requirements:

  • Constitutional Convention: 8% of the total votes cast for governor.
  • Recalls – Recall for Governor can be called by the State Legislature.
  • Nominations: Senate: Party- 5000 – 10,000 signatures of their party – Independents – 25,000 or 1% of voters who voted in the last election, whichever is less. Congress – Party 0.5% of signatures of members in their party in their district .

The Illinois Governor Recall Amendment gives citizens the right to petition to recall their governors. This is extremely limited and requires 20 State Representatives and 10 State Senators as well as a 60% super majority approval.

Local Ordinances – Some ordinances have a “home rule” provision and they can be used to provide the people with the right to put only non-binding advisory ballot measures in front of the legislature.

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