Idaho Signature Requirements

Signature Requirements:

  • Statutes and Veto Referenda: 6% of registered voters from the last general election.
  • Initiative and Referenda for Cities and Counties: 20% of the qualified electors who voted in the last general election.
  • Recalls: 20% of the voters who voted in the last election for incumbent to be recalled. The replacement has to be from the same party and then chosen by the Governor.
  • Nominations: Partisan Candidates and Independents: U.S. Senate – 1000 signatures or $500 – U.S. House 500 signatures or $300 – Statewide Executive Offices – 1000 signatures or $200 – $300 – State Legislature – $30
  • Write Ins for all seats only have to file a motion of intent.


Title 50 Chapter 5 provides all cities the right to Initiatives and Referenda. Article XX provides Idaho the right to Constitutional Convention, and Legislative Referrals. Constitutional Conventions and Legislative Referrals are only allowed to be called on by the 2/3 of the State Senate and the House of Representatives. Article XII provides Idaho Citizens the right to Recall all Elected Officials except Judges.

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