It’s time “We the People” Represent the States

Unite the States for Freedom from Corruption and Liberty to Pursue Excellence!

RIPAC advocates for limited constitutional conventions, in harmony with 34 other states, to overturn any supreme court decisions we deem unconstitutional. Altogether constitutional convention is dangerous if applied broadly to all constitutional laws, if one specific policy is challenged by convention at a time, the logic to have the nation represent the people holds strong. The convention should be used to eliminate broad laws that supersede states’ bill of rights first and foremost and not to apply laws that can have negative impacts.

State ratifying conventions are one of the two methods established by Article V of the United States Constitution for ratifying proposed constitutional amendments and overturning supreme court decisions that interfere with states bill of rights.

Ratifying conventions have only been used on one occasion, that being for the ratification of the Constitution’s 21st Amendment, to end prohibition.  The wisdom of the day was that the lawmakers of states were either corrupted to or simply fearful of the temperance lobby. Congress enacted the constitutional convention at that time, with a 63 to 21 vote. All other proposed constitutional amendments have been offered to the state legislatures for ratification.

Today however, with the ballot proposal process, the people can represent the “states” have have the same power the state legislators.

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