Arizona Activism For Direct Democracy to Stop Corruption in Government


Arizona became the 48th state in the Union on February 14, 1912. Now it is up to us to save this State from the total abandonment of its values and create a modern living participatory republic, this year, now.

We have come a long way but Arizona Voters have become complacent and have ignored our ballot mechanism rights to defend our lives, liberty, property, and pursuit of happiness from oppressive and limiting government policy.

Arizona Offers the following ballot mechanisms; Amendments, State and Local Statutes, Referenda, Recalls and Nominations.

Signatures Requirements for Statewide Measures:

  • Amendment: 15% of those who participated in the last gubernatorial vote.
  • Statute: 10% of those who participated in the last gubernatorial vote.
  • Veto Referenda: 5% of those who participated in the last gubernatorial vote.
  • Recall: 25% of the votes cast for in the last election for that office.
  • Arizona allows for local ballot measures.
  • Deadline: July 4th, before the November Election.

Currently, there are several propositions filed at the Arizona Secretary of State. RIPAC will assist in the development of five campaigns.

RIPAC will assist in the direct development of five campaigns and also in the development of what others campaigns our members support which do not violate the non-aggression principle.

Our top five includes:

Right to Citizen Grand Jury

Legal Tender Act

Protect Arizona Agriculture

Save Oak Flat Act

The Hemp Freedom Act

Your membership and support will ensure we can move forward on these campaigns. You have an option to participate in our internal voting procedures which can determine if we continue all five of these campaigns if we replace any of them for more urgent ones, or if we add more to the platform.

Section 1 of Article 21 of the Arizona’s State Constitution that allows for the people of Arizona to implement a constitutional citizen checks and balances system.

Anyone can review the Arizona Revised Statutes to confirm the law and know if the Government is doing their job, not doing their job, or that their job needs to change and WE THE PEOPLE need to change them.

RIPAC offers a technologically collaborative approach to extraordinary citizen empowerment. We have the ability to change laws, declare rights, and stand up against corruption. With our approach to dynamic community interaction online pragmatic solutions ensure. We provide news and action items you can participate on, during your own hours, wherever you want right from your computer or smartphone.

The non-profit Wikipedia of ballot information, Ballotpedia serves as an archive of information about Arizona’s ballot history and gives citizens a chance to review their analysis of ballot information around the USA. They keep information for both State and Local Ballot Measure Information. Blogs and information about current events are provided in their newsletter.

News and information about RIPAC in Arizona becoming the most egalitarian state in the nation will be reported with our source Citizens in Charge.

When we realize our government is not representing us, it is our civic duty prepare for the next election optimistically and know we can always Recall the Rogues

More updates will be available in the near future.

We are looking for content creators. Join us and participate in our forum or contact admin directly for suggestions and contributions.

We will include more legislation, up to date state news, state group links, action items and more.

RIPAC  is the first to unite all ballot proposal coverage websites and to let people self-organize to create a digitally connected critical mass that can qualify ballot propositions effortlessly. We use social media to each, ourselves, play a role in the sharing the information and uniting co-facilitators in our project. Current technology allows us to, debate policy on a block-chain archived debate systems. We have external and internal forums for our community to participate in blog workshops. We argue and debate cooperatively with the goal of simply archiving bullet point facts. The best facts aggregate to the top and either consensus is born or it’s not. The key is in knowing that there are some issues, if we look into them enough, we will ALL find consensus on them. These fundamental values we all share will guide in developing a decentralized online grassroots citizenry. Our signatures on petitions can enable our vote, superseding even the governor’s power on issues our legislature is not able to represent us on.

This method will forever change the political landscape, ensuring a people have access to the most equal debate facilitation possible, the Quorum E-Democracy that objectively ensures our actions facilitate a consensus of the people and create a functional 4th system of checks and balances.

Connect with us on various social media, as the more social media we link with you too, the better we decentralize and duplicate our message among new followers of yours that you share our information with. Add your email to our newsletter list and become a member to participate in the forums and the exclusive issue specific groups for your state. Once you’re inside and working with us, a whole world of member exclusive benefits ensure. Get access to exclusive entrepreneurial activism projects.

The great coalition of coalitions needs to form immediately. We will not be divided anymore. The free internet gives us the ability to free humanity through a material collaborative self-governance model. Save the Republic with Direct Democracy!

Save the Republic with Direct Democracy!

Arizona’s Motto

Ditat Deus – God Enriches


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