Save the Republic with Direct Democracy

E-Governance of the Future will Arrive Soon

Our government is not a Democracy or a Republic. With your participation, we can become an authentic Democratic-Republic, one that works with our common consent, thanks to our democratic participation to preserve it.

Through online technologies, the public at large can cooperate and build consensus on policy ourselves, instead of relying on our “representatives.” Politicians can be paid off to be corrupt, but the people strive to have a better world, free from agendas for money and power. We can come to agreements on the most urgent and best policy to implement in our cities and states, and even across our nation with constitutional convention projects, that are better for our future than what the political elite is providing for us.

We can not only choose what solutions we want through policy, but we can also engage our top legal intelligence among us to help us draft our policy that we agree on, line by line, so the very laws we seek to implement are meticulously debated and agreed upon by our members prior to taking action with them.

With our policy drafted, we can implement it with the ballot proposition process, to file our policy with our cities and or states, and collect signatures on petitions so they will be on the ballot for all the voters.

With our members organized on the web and through our decentralized strategy of internal networking, members of RIPAC can print out petitions and collect them on the fly, ensuring ballot access easier than ever before.

Once a critical mass of voters is reached, we can feasibly qualify our ballot propositions, virtually overnight. In the past, the people always wanted a more direct democracy, but the problem with face to face interactions is that it doesn’t scale. Today with the internet , the interactions between people to develop consensual agreement can span from hundreds to thousands, even millions and perhaps one day, billions of people.

“if you can bank online, you can vote online” – Gerald Celente

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