Representative Initiatives


We are the first nationwide PAC for citizens ballot propositions. Furthermore, we are cooperatively run. Rather than have a set agenda like other political action committees, we simply adhere to the constitutional values that give us validity and power within the states we work for, and enable educational and direct democracy processes to restore the concept of the republic so it cannot ever turn to tyranny.  Our direction will the result  of our members.

We have confidence that the people can fix problems in government better than the political elite. In fact, we argue that the elite are making things worse, and we have facts to prove this stance. Therefore, we are essentially minarchist and pre-emptive in our approach to first preventing government from ruining things anymore, and secondly, to empower our government with new rules of operation, that will make it truly representative and functional for those of us who pay for it.

In our initial stage, we need 500 people to donate $10 and or more, with a six month period of time and we will become a Super PAC that is fully qualified and enabled to file the ballot propositions of our members nationwide.

We will perform organizing and fundraising to support our member’s campaigns. Serving as a public resource of citizen checks and balances in government, we will provide lifetime free access to amazing tools for citizens to get our proposition campaigns on the ballot all over the nation.

Our goal: to flood the ballot with the most revolutionary propositions everywhere across the nation.

We will file real ballot propositions on your behalf, with your support, so that your community can vote on changing direct laws. We will be a new nationwide political machine. With your participation, the first national citizen lawmaking Super PAC will be formed.

Normally, PACs are for candidates, we can help candidates too, but our focus will be on the full spectrum of ballot proposition possibilities.

We will launch multiple initiatives on your behalf in your area and help you set up a network which will empower your community with strategic methods to stop corruption in government. When you and all your friends and family can vote for real law changes, and bypass the governors of states for the people’s benefit.

No corrupt governor or legislature will stop the people’s rights!

Progress will occur when the people utilize our legal ballot proposition process. We must reform the voting system and get legitimate candidates on the ballot and to remove the bad ones. We must create alternative methods to reach out to the entire community and win at elections. RIPAC has created such a program. Our time has come and you can make it so.

Join us as a member and you will have exclusive online voting, debating, and consensus building opportunities. Your vote online with us will determine exactly what laws you shall be voting to pass at your next election.

We represent the true demands of the citizens.

 We will change the paradigm of governance!

Representative Initiatives Super PAC will offer representation far beyond what any individual candidates or party can offer. Our policy will be dictated by our Quorum E-Democracy (QED) platform that will be in development as we organize our core support network. All results will be created on open source voting and consensus building tools, freely available for the public to review and participate in.

Join us, for the future of politics, will be citizen operated.

With your participation, you will make the future with us!

What solutions does RIPAC have to offer?

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