Abolish Property Taxes

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Ballot initiatives like the once we archive below, ensure the people are never truly powerless to politicians. We are the Sovereigns of States. We have more power than politicians, the Governors and even the President with popular votes on constitutional and populous propositions like the one we archive below.

This bill to abolish property taxes was filed by activists in North Dakota and there is still a grassroots movement building for its implementation.  We want to have it filed in every ballot initiative State and see it qualify for the ballot with your help.

We need support with your time and financial assistance so we can develop a website, ensure content is produced to direct traffic and create social media campaigns that can help us reach our critical mass required to attain ballot access.

If you are supportive of the plan to bring true freedom to the United States and create Sovereign land that people can live on without coercion from the government to have to pay it.  It’s time to put down your investment of energy into what we are doing so we can secure our assets together, qualify this initiative for the ballot and let the voters decide rather than the politicians. The longterm strategy of RIPAC is unparalleled and investment will reward our project year after year.

If you live in North Dakota and you want to see this on your ballot, don’t delay, get involved today.

Anyone, anywhere in the world will benefit by supporting this channel. Once we implement our activism panacea in the United States, it will spread across the world like wildfire. Permanent solutions are being created. Politics will never be the same and there is nothing politicians can do to stop the people from rising with ballot solutions and strategies we promote.

Anyone can help us with time or money. Just contact us to find out how you can get involved to help.

Abolish Property Taxes

This measure prohibits imposition of property taxes, poll taxes, and acreage taxes in the State effective January 1, 20__.

BE IT RESOLVED BY THE PEOPLE OF NORTH DAKOTA:That the following proposed amendments to sections 1, 4, 14, 15, and 16 of article X and repeal of sections 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 of article X of the Constitution of North Dakota are agreed to and must be submitted to the qualified electors of North Dakota at the general election to be held in 2010, in accordance with Section 9 article III of the Constitution of North Dakota.

SECTION 1. AMENDMENT. Section 1 of article X of the Constitution of North Dakota is amended and reenacted as follows:Section 1. The legislative assembly shall be and all political subdivisions are prohibited from raising revenue to defray the expenses of the state or political subdivisions through the levying of a tax on the assessed value of real or personal property.

SECTION 2. AMENDMENT. Section 4 of article X of the Constitution of North Dakota is amended and reenacted as follows:Section 4. All taxable property except as hereinafter in this section provided, shall be assessed in the county, city, township, village or district in which it is situated, in the manner prescribed by law. The property, including franchises of all railroads operated in this state, and of all express companies, freight line companies, dining car companies, sleeping car companies, care equipment companies, or private care line companies, telegraph or telephone companies, the property of any person, firm or corporation used for the propose of furnishing electric light, heat or power, or in distributing the same for public use,and the property of any other corporation, firm or individual now or hereafter operating in this state, and used directly or indirectly in the carrying of persons, property or messages, shall be assessed by the State board of equalization in a manner prescribed by such state board or commission as may be provided bylaw. But should any railroad allow any portion of its railway to be used for any purpose other than the operation of a railroad thereon, such portion of its railway, while so used shall be assessed in a manner provided for the assessment of other real property.1.2.Taxes upon real property which were used before 2012 to fund the operations of counties,cities, townships, school districts, park districts, water districts, irrigation districts, fire protection districts, soil conservation districts, and other political subdivisions with authority to levy property taxes must be replaced with revenues from the proceeds of state sales taxes,individual and corporate income taxes, oil and gas production and extraction taxes, tobacco taxes, lottery revenues, financial institutions taxes, and other state resources.The legislative assembly shall direct as much oil and gas production and extraction tax,tobacco tax, lottery revenue, and financial institutions tax as necessary to fund the share of elementary and secondary education not funded through state revenue sources before 2012.2 The state cannot condition the expenditure of this portion of elementary and secondary education funding in any manner and school boards have sole discretion in how to allocate the expenditure of this portion of the elementary and secondary funding provided.

SECTION 3. AMENDMENT. Section 14 of article X of the Constitution of North Dakota is amended and reenacted as follows:The legislative assembly shall direct a share of sales taxes, individual and corporate income taxes, insurance premium taxes, alcoholic beverage taxes, mineral leasing fees, and gaming taxes and any oil and gas production and extraction taxes, tobacco taxes, lottery revenues,and financial institutions taxes not allocated to elementary and secondary schools to counties, cities, and other political subdivisions according to a formula devised by the legislative assembly to fully and properly fund the legally imposed obligations of the counties,cities, townships and other political subdivisions. The allocation of the amount determined by the legislative assembly must be provided to the governing bodies of counties, cities,townships, and other political subdivisions. How counties, cities, townships, and other political subdivisions choose to allocate the expenditures of this revenue is at the sole direction of the governing bodies of counties, cities, townships, and other political subdivisions.

Section 14. Notwithstanding any other provision in the constitution, and for the purpose of promoting the economic growth of the state, the development of its natural resources,and the prosperity and welfare of its people, the state may issue bonds and use the proceeds thereof to make loans to privately or cooperatively owned enterprises to plan, construct, acquire, equip, improve, and extend facilities for converting natural resources into power and generating and transmitting such power, and to acquire real and personal property and water and mineral rights needed for such facilities.The state may issue general obligation bonds for this purpose to an amount which, with all outstanding general obligation bonds, less the amount of all money on hand and taxes in process of collection which are appropriated for their payment, will not exceed five percent of the full and true. This may be done only if the privately and cooperatively owned enterprises can demonstrate they are unable to acquire such funding on their own, through the private market, market value of all the taxable property in the state, to be ascertained by the last assessment made for state and county purposes:but nothing therein shall. The State may also issue revenue bonds for the purpose of providing part or all of the funds required for any project undertaken under subsection 1, payable solely from sums realized from payments of principal and interest on money loaned for such project, and from other similar projects if so determined by the legislature increase or diminish the limitations established by other provision of the constitution on the amount of bonds therein authorized to be issued by the legislative assembly. The full faith and credit of the state shall be pledged for the prompt and full payment of all bonds issued under subsection 2. Its obligation with respect to bonds issued under subsection 3 shall be limited to the prompt and full performance of such covenants as the legislature, and from the liquidation of security given for such payments. Revenue bonds issues for any project shall not exceed the cost thereof, including all expenses reasonably incurred to complete and finance the project, but shall not be subject to any other limitation of amount. Legislative assembly may authorize to be made respecting the enforcing of the provisions of the underlying loan agreements and the segregation, accounting, and application of bind proceeds and of loan payment and other security pledged for the payment of the bonds. All bonds authorized by subsections 1 to 3, inclusive, shall mature within forty years from their respective dates of issue, but may be refunded at or before maturity in such manner and for such term and upon such conditions as the legislature legislative assembly may direct. Any such bonds may, but need not be, secured by mortgage upon real or personal property acquired with the proceeds of the same or any other issue of general obligation or revenue bonds, or upon other property mortgaged by the debtor. Pledges of revenues and mortgages of property securing bonds of any issue may be prior to subordinate to or on a parity with pledges and mortgages securing any other issue of general obligation or revenue bonds, as determined by the legislature legislative assembly, The legislature from time to time in conformity with any provisions made for the security of outstanding bonds.legislative assembly, If any subsection of this amendment, or any part of a subsection, or any application thereof to particular circumstances should be held invalid for any reason, such invalidity shall not affect the validity of all remaining provisions of this amendment which may be given effect without that which is declared invalid, as applied to any circumstances and for this purpose all subsections and parts of subsections and applications thereof are declared to be severable, shall pass such laws as are appropriate to implement this amendment.

SECTION 4. AMENDMENT. Section 15 of article X of the Constitution of North Dakota is amended and reenacted as follows:Section 15. The debt of any county, township, city, town, school district, or any other political subdivision, shall never exceed five percentum upon the assessed market value of the taxable property therein; provided that any incorporated city may, by a two-thirds vote, increase such indebtedness three percentum on such assessed market value beyond said five percentum limit, and a school district, by a majority vote may increase such indebtedness five percent on such assessed market value beyond said five percentum limit; provided also that any county or city by a majority vote may issue bonds upon any revenue-producing utility owned by such county or city, or for the purchasing or acquiring the same or for building or establishment thereof, in amounts not exceeding the physical value of such utility, industry or enterprise. In estimating the indebtedness which a city, county, township, school district, or any other political subdivision may incur, the entire amount, exclusive of the bonds upon said revenue-producing utilities,whether contracted prior or subsequent to the adoption of this constitution, shall be included; provided further that any incorporated city may be indebted in any amount not exceeding four percentum of such assessed market

SECTION 5. AMENDMENT. Section 16 of article X of the Constitution of North Dakota is amended and reenacted as follows:value without regard to the existing indebtedness of such city for the purposes of constructing or purchasing waterworks for furnishing a supply of water to the inhabitants of such city, or for the purpose of constructing sewers, and for no other purposes whatever. All bonds and obligations in excess of the amount of indebtedness permitted by this constitution, given by any city, county, township,town, school district, or any other political subdivision shall be void.

Section 16. Any city, county, township, town, school district, or any other political subdivision incurring indebtedness shall, at or before the time of so doing, provide for the collection of an annual tax revenues

SECTION 6. REPEAL. Sections 5, 6, 7, 9, and 10 of article X of the Constitution of North Dakota are repealed.sufficient to pay the interest and also the principal thereof when due, and all laws or ordinances providing for the payment of the interest or principal of any debt shall be irrepealable until such debt ispaid.

SECTION 7. EFFECTIVE DATE. If approved by the voters, this measure becomes effective on January 1, 20__.



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