The World’s Most Useful Plant

Hemp is the World’s #1 most useful plant! Legislation has repealed the old laws and the states are doing great without prohibition. Now more states are joining in. Rather than criminalize, our states can benefit from hemp, medicine, recreational use and taxes.

  • Reduce Prison Populations
  • End Drug War Waste
  • Create Billions in Revenue from Green Industrial Products

What does the government tell us about Hemp? The government’s view is that Hemp is a dangerous drug that leads users to a life of drug addiction and crime.They ignore the industrial benefits and they subsidize the predatory and harmful industries that would otherwise be replaced with hemp legalization.

What the government DOES NOT tell us about Hemp:The government does not tell us that they profit from the drug war. They do not tell you the facts that the War on Drugs breaks up more loving families, and destroys more lives, that it claims to be working to protect. The government prohibition never works to help at all. They just profit from it being illegal. It’s time they are exposed!

We have all the proof that the opponents to this are full of lies and disinformation.

The war on Marijuana is just a cover for the war on hemp. Even the secondary species related but not containing the psychoactive chemical THC is illegal because of the the boon it would be to local economies. Legalization is in direct opposition to the globalist plan to consolidate wealth and power into the hands of a minority. The free market for the farmers who are out of work to nurture and benefit the land and soil with industrial hemp production would create billions. ‘

All the industrial supplies for the modern world are able to be replaced by this plant. Instead of oil which pollutes, we could have bio-remediation that eliminates the pollution. We would have more money in local communities, less consolidation of wealth and power, and no corporate handouts.

We don’t need any more oil spills. By this next election we could vote for a local hemp economy legalization measure known as the Hemp and Health initiative.  It’s Jack Herer’s original legislation that started the whole process in state legalization. We also have other model legislations that can be debated and refined but in the end, any step counts. More info is in our blogs below.

Hemp is illegal because it is a threat to the elites who want to monopolize the oil, plastic, medicine, timber, textile and construction industries. “Marijuana” is the number one reason people are filling up jails in the U.S.A. The cost to our infrastructure is stupendous. The real crime is that there are thousands of industrial applications for hemp that would create a -dollar green industrial revolution, revitalizing our economy, ending the exploitation of our forests, the need for oil and it works better for a plethora of diseases better than most western medicine,

Yet, governments won’t let a plant grow, all in the name of saving the youth. Meanwhile the government, the CIA, the border patrol, all have shown to have connections with massive smuggling of weapons over to the real drug cartels, endangering peoples lives, and smuggling the hard smack into our country themselves! We have no balance of powers into our justice systems functionality and no debate with our leaders on legalizing the worlds most important plant. The only solution is direct democracy, join us to help us put it on your states ballot.


The Jack Herer legacy is alive and well today in California and perhaps soon in other states. It’s important that the truth about the corrupt influences in government with oil, big Pharma, plastics and forestry, all led to the end of “marijuana” which was a racist word that was made up to make people against Hispanics. Hemp can save the world, it’s green, it thrives in most climates, no pesticides needed, no oil needed, no cost, we would save our environment and in a most dramatic way as well, our economy.

Over a quarter of the states in the U.S. have decriminalized marijuana to one level or another, this is completely because of the ballot initiative process and the first movement in California started by Jack Herer to use the process to legalize Hemp. It was obvious how our politicians were paid off to mislead the public as to their true intentions. We can’t leave important law changes to a corrupted government, we must do it ourselves. It’s not going to be legal on its own, there are too many private interests that control our government who won’t see that happen. Only the people can overturn the restrictions we are have been hindered with by corrupted corporate and government elite.

We can end the dependency on Petroleum with Hemp Ethanol. We can make over 1,000 industrial products with the natural plastics and rubbers created from the plant’s cellulose and fiber. We can make material 10x stronger than steel. We can make cloth softer than cotton. Even construction materials stronger than concrete can be made from the plant. We can save the old growth forests by using the plant again for paper just like they did when our country created its constitution, which was by the way, written on hemp paper.

It’s time we educate people about the ballot process and stop being passive. Save the environment and make a new green economy with hemp! Legalize the plant, let it’s recreational benefits help people’s social health! Let medicinal studies begin at private labs and in the universities! Let us begin the hemp revolution with ballot petitions! RIPAC will make it all possible because we organize for a critical mass to get the job done.

Watch documentaries that will open your eyes to the truth behind this propaganda war against Cannabis.


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