Fracking Concerns in Michigan

What the Frack?


The big government good old boys and lobbyists aren’t so happy with the rapidly growing fracking resistance movement. It’s very telling of the level of corruption in our government when you find out how the fracking process uses chemicals that are deadly and carcinogenic, yet, it’s byproduct, natural gas, is considered a “green” energy source.

Documentary films have been released for the public viewing.  Great videos and news on the topic are found all over the web now.

The government is not backing down on propaganda. Natural Gas is heavily subsidized and heavily profitable for the big utilities. Cheney started fracking, now Obama has given the go ahead to companies like EXXON, who have in the past and will in the future, continue to desperately promote fracking as a “Green” initiative to protect the air quality, even though it will destroy the little groundwater we have left. If we don’t use the ballot initiative process our planet can say goodbye. An exemption was given to fracking companies, to not have to disclose ingredients they pump into the earth, hidden inside the “Clean Drinking Water Act.” Fracking destroys water quality. How about that for government deception.

Legally, they can get away with this, however, it would behoove society to simply allow legal prosecution to punish politicians, public officials and corporate entities who intentionally misrepresent the ramifications of their actions. Any dishonesty should be punished when they are in those positions of power. When the richest companies in the world finance the campaigns of politicians, and the politicians write laws that give private corporations laws to benefit them.

The system is broken. These companies are destroying the water supply. They are getting rich while they destroy our last remaining water reserves on precious land. These companies that make natural gas commonly used in all gas stoves, requires extreme destruction of our crucial water supply.

We must evolve and elevate our consciousness to decide to say and act “no”, changing our lifestyles, enjoying our choices, and changing helping to save the world. This is the hardest thing to do but with motivation, based on knowledge and awareness of the situation, we can do anything.

One motivation is the link between natural gas stove, their formaldehyde emissions, and formaldehyde’s link to cancer  and how it fries your lungs. Natural gas is not 100% clean like it’s made out to be. Keep this in mind and consider changing your cooking methods to electric, or better yet solar.

A group in Michigan has launched a campaign to stop fracking. Let’s Ban Fracking has proposed legislation that will end fracking and they are the current leaders in the USA working on a current campaign that can begin to shift the public mindset to allow for the recognition that we can save our planet.

We can’t wait for politicians, we have to become citizen lawmakers.

Help evolve society to accept reality and act for solutions using our direct democracy rights protected by our State’s constitutions.

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