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Elon Musk

Tesla Motors and PayPal co-founder Elon Musk (who dreams of making humans an interplanetary and space-faring species) predicts that the first humans will travel to Mars on his own spaceflight company SpaceX eight years from now, arriving on the red planet by 2025.

And he has some rather utopian ideas for how the government there should work. For one, Musk is in favour of a direct democracy where people vote for everything themselves, be it a leader, laws or policies whether old or new, as opposed to the representative model (where citizens vote for representatives to stand for us in the House or the Senate and then vote on laws and for a presidential candidate) that exists in the United States and across most of the world.

Making headlines while speaking onstage at ReCode’s Code Conference at Rancho Palos Verdes, California back in June, the enigmatic billionaire entrepreneur claimed this was the best way to diminish the potential for corruption.

Incidentally, Musk has even given thought to how laws would work on the red planet once it is colonised. According to him, all laws will come with a “sunset provision,” meaning that they will automatically expire after a certain amount of time instead of living forever. “If it’s not good enough to be voted back in, maybe it shouldn’t be there,” he said.

It should probably be easier to remove a law than create one,” Musk explained adding that any new law would require approval by 60% of the people but could be repealed later if 40% voted that it be axed. 

He also proposed that laws should “sunset” after a certain amount of time and be put back on the ballot. He explained: if the law isn’t good enough to be re-voted in, perhaps it shouldn’t be there.

This is not the first time that Musk has advocated for this position. In September 2015 Musk put the same ideas forward in conversation with the German Federal Minister of Economic Affairs and EnergySigmar Gabriel, ending by referring to himself as a “pro-Anarchist.” 

Given that Mars isn’t likely to support a huge population anytime soon, as a pure democracy system, it could be the practiced and perfected as it naturally grows, a far less risky proposal for the new SpaceX astronauts that civilizations here on earth that are not quite ready for it. 

RIPAC find congruency with Elon’s vision and SpaceX’s government. Follow My Vote is developing a block-chain voting system should prove useful along with RIPAC’s vision for a complete block-chain quorum e-democracy project.

Perhaps the influence of Elon himself could rally citizens world wide to also get behind the idea of direct democracy here on earth. Global peace between nations through direct democracy is possible, what if influential leaders with power behind them like Elon Musk got behind RIPAC so we could organize enough citizens in the U.S.A. for permanent ballot access? What if we could save the nation through ballot initiative petitions, for and by the people so space travelers have a nice place their successors can come home too.

When RIPAC is officially launched. We will call on our supporters to help us social media blast a campaign to get Elon’s attention, for Follow My Vote, RIPAC and even other international organizations that need their own perfect quorum e-democracy system as well.

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