North Dakota Nullified the FED

“The end of democracy and the defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of lending institutions and moneyed incorporations.” – Thomas Jefferson

Nullifying the Federal Reserve State by State

The state bank stops privatized debt lending and debt creation on a statewide level. Federal inflation will still effect outside transactions; yet, internal circulation of money will retain value. It’s not a perfect system, but it does de-finance the Federal Reserve debtors and limits their profits year after year. If every state did this, it would put the fed into solvency because legally, each state has the right to limit their debtors and stop lending.

North Dakota did it in the early 1900’s, yet you won’t hear the mainstream media talking about that. Fortunately, many independent blogs picked up the story about how they were thriving during the beginning of the end when the housing bubble hit the US.  It is evident, kicking out the banksters is the best idea we can proactively address now with the ballot initiative process.

The State Bank effort was led by the Agrarian revolt against big banks, grain dealers, and railroads. It started the Non-Partisan League, which was successful in working for strong Initiative and Referendum rights. This movement started what was known as the beginning of the “Progressive” era in the US, where voters put pressure on politicians to provide them with constitutional limited direct democracy.

The Non-Partisan League was successful as qualifying several ballot initiatives that were approved by the voters. All their success was had before modern transportation and telecommunications. If they could do it back before our modern technology was around, we can do it now for certain. The State Bank Initiative of North Dakota was created in the early 1900’s as a result of upset farmers realizing they would lose their jobs to out of state grain deals through railroads, financed by the Federal Reserve.

Their Non-Partisan League and secured ballot access at a time when they needed 30%+ of the voters to sign the petitions, almost 600% more than today’s requirement, all at a time before cars and phones. They legally nullified the Federal Reserve, and so can we. Our economies would be so much wealthier, we would have true funding for students and local businesses, and society would thrive.

The FED finances wall street, not main street. A state bank would keep our state’s economy funneling resources into main street needs. It is the only solution short of electing an anti-federal reserve candidate as president several years from now. Why wait when we can nullify the FED on our own and save our economies?

The State Bank, debt free to the FED, brings each state closer towards a sovereign monetary system. When every state does this, it will be the beginning of the end for the Federal Reserve corruption.

Campaigns to create State Banks will not only raise awareness and get people involved in voting who normally would have no part in it. Initiatives allow for real law changes that can make history. It’s either this or we leave more debt to the whim of the politicians.

RIPAC has archived model legislation. Now let’s create a team and put it on your ballot!

Could there be a better policy to achieve the same result? Your vote on this policy matters. Join us and help us create the QED together.

While we are getting it on the ballot we can also simultaneously hedge our money in digital gold.

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Nico has been working in activism fields for his entire adult life. From 18 he began door to door fundraising and he quickly became a trainer and campaign manager. Later, he got into ballot access work, becoming one of the best petition circulators in the nation. He advanced to become a sub-coordinator for major companies and then he coordinated his own local campaigns. Now, he is creating his own campaigns and promoting a vision for the future of people's ballot propositions that can end all corruption in government.

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