Problems with Representative Government Today

“I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions, but laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.”
— Thomas Jefferson, 1816.


The politicians are paid off, but the people can stop it.

From the beginning of the institution of representative government, sovereignty was supposed to be inherent in small communities, and then only through the consent of the governed where representatives supposed to lead. At the time, prior to modern technology, representatives were necessary to ensure the will of the people was ensured for national issues. Today, however, representative government is a failure and the general consensus of the people is opposed to what the government is doing. The answer is to learn how OUR consensus will become the new direction of governance.

The model of “Democracy” has failed when it has been implemented in the form of representative government. It hasn’t had a fair trial in the USA, and our nation needs more educated voters. Democracy without debate that is factual, balanced, impersonal and non-manipulative has not had it’s fair to test run, and so the Representative Initiatives PAC and Representative Party organizations seek to unite people for a new type of true “representation” on deliberative issue specific, non-partisan issues.

The main shortcoming of Representative government today is that we live in a Left/Right paradigm with conservatives and liberals who arbitrarily link issues on their platform that are non-related. Furthermore, there is no actual law that the representatives have to act in regard to the platform they ran for office under. What we commonly find is that people are stuck in this paradigm to vote for candidates that are good on some issues and bad on others, and when they get in office, they only act on behalf of the bad policy choices.

Both parties are pro-war and pro-authoritarianism. There are however a few decent libertarian-minded or progressive candidates who are in favor of being liberally social and fiscally conservative and who are pro-constitution, but they are outnumbered today and are not truly offering full solutions the people of the USA can act on. This is where RIPAC and the Representative Party comes in.

Consensus-based representation, also known as limited direct democracy, allows the true will of the people to be acted upon. Constitutional direct democracy gives people a real solution that can allow us to protect the constitution, to end all corruption in government, and improve our world. The power of the people is strong with direct democracy, but with representative government, it is nothing. We can’t force our politician’s vote, they can lie and sell out and there is nothing we can do about it. They get paid off and there is nothing we can do by simply pleading with them.

We can bypass the legislature and start making real strategic moves to stop all corruption in government and save our ecology, the destruction of which is threatening all life on our planet. Without ecology, we will have no economy. The globalist elite are insane as the push agendas for profit with no regard to life in the balance.

No individual representatives can overpower the paid off system. The people have to unite, we have to collect signatures and sign ballot petitions and vote, or it will be all over. We will see the same problems in representative government over and over, and the world will become more dangerous and less peaceful.

The power to formulate laws and policies must be delivered to the people and RIPAC is working on providing the digital framework for a modern E-Democracy system that will allow us to exceed prior possibilities. Dynamic, multi-choice polls and surveys will be used to let the public define our important issues and decisions, and they will be established by well-informed choices.

A Quorum will be established to allow facts to be presented in a non-personal and non-manipulative, well balanced factual method. We will seek public participation in our polls to ensure representation in our quorums and with our E-democracy tools cover a diverse group of people. The results of our polls will form our direction and actions to initiate constitutional Legislation, Referendums, Recalls, Nominations and Citizen Grand Juries when available. With success, we will even be able to take our solutions to a national level with limited constitutional convention actions called on by the people, representing the states directly. This way the Federal Government ineptitude will be no longer a problem.

Our nomination process will ensure a victory for representative government because unlike government of the past, the future representatives will not carry ideologies as much as they will pledge to vote on behalf of their constituents, using our E-democracy platforms to engage the public in deliberative quorums and debate, arriving at consensus that their constituents agree upon.

We seek to save the constitution, by amending it, to create laws that stop corporate abuse and lobbyist influence over the influence of the people. The politicians will simply become button pushers for the people, rather than power elites for their own self-interests. Constitutionalists seek to shrink government power and taxation and to empower communities sovereignty over the state and the federal government. We need a grassroots up system of government and direct democracy is the solution to create a true constitutional republic.

We must end the top-down control system, representative government can not be left alone to create its own checks and balances. Unbridled power corrupts absolutely and the people must become the 4th system of checks and balances.

We need to take back our states rights, we need to replace the corrupted judges, sheriffs, city councils, and all politicians.  We must push Unaffiliated, Independent, Constitution, Green, Libertarian and new Representative Direct Democracy candidates who pass constitutional qualifications and who gain consensus from our members.

Regardless of what politicians are in change, the people can always overcome with direct democracy. Technology ensures we don’t have to wait for politicians anymore. A true Quorum E-Democracy is on the horizon. Stand with RIPAC and witness the evolution of governance.

We will present to you model legislation and get your direct feedback so we can improve and move forward with solutions. After all, when you respond, we can best customize our organization for you.

Be a part of our user groups and subscribe. Many new initiatives are on the way!

You are the solution! We don’t need to wait for politicians. We are waiting for YOU. We will win with strength in numbers. Every individual count!

About the Author

Nicolas Guillermo

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Nico has been working in activism fields for his entire adult life. From 18 he began door to door fundraising and he quickly became a trainer and campaign manager. Later, he got into ballot access work, becoming one of the best petition circulators in the nation. He advanced to become a sub-coordinator for major companies and then he coordinated his own local campaigns. Now, he is creating his own campaigns and promoting a vision for the future of people's ballot propositions that can end all corruption in government.

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