Constitutional Checks and Balances Work!

Ballot Proposition Petitions: Initiative and Referendum (I&R), Recalls, Nominations and Citizen Grand Juries, are the only way people can empower communities to vote for direct legal actions to occur, and bypass the government, ensuring authentic checks and balances.

These rights are limited by each state’s constitution. Many states have very little rights at all regarding citizen propositions, others have tremendous potential.

The ballot proposition process is perhaps the least known about and the least understood process of activism by the people, yet it’s the most powerful. Why is this? Subverted education systems and corporate media have something to do with it. There are far too many activist organizations that lobby, and this paradigm that needs to change. Politicians have even used this system to seek to take power from the people. This leaves people with a bad feeling about propositions, particularly ballot initiatives, yet, there is still hope thanks to RIPAC. We are the first cooperative citizen’s ballot proposition SUPERPAC, working for you, representing you with your active participation.

What good is paying an advocacy organization money to pay a lobbyist to plead with politicians who are so corrupted from corporate financing? When they are already paid off, what care do they have for the people? Lobbying is always at the whim of the political consensus. While it is true that sometimes a few representatives will side with their constituents, it doesn’t mean all of them will go along with proposed legislation of the people. With ballot initiatives, we turn the tables.

No organization has been created to help people organize and master the ballot proposition process to secure our liberties. Until now. RIPAC has begun what shall serve as a model system to take back power to the people.

We are 100% constitutional! Progressing the republic of the United States on a state by state basis with direct democracy will work. This method is the only solution today that has much recognizable historical evidence of its efficacy and recognition to many of its possibilities when combined with current technological and leadership solutions available today.

The solution begins with your subscribing to our mailing list and contributing to our production. Join us and dream with us about the future we want. You can make it possible!

About the Author

Nicolas Guillermo

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Nico has been working in activism fields for his entire adult life. From 18 he began door to door fundraising and he quickly became a trainer and campaign manager. Later, he got into ballot access work, becoming one of the best petition circulators in the nation. He advanced to become a sub-coordinator for major companies and then he coordinated his own local campaigns. Now, he is creating his own campaigns and promoting a vision for the future of people's ballot propositions that can end all corruption in government.

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