future direct democracy vision.

Vision for the Path

The future is ours when we work to manifest our vision for ultimate freedom of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

A government for and by the people is possible and it can be sustained with our direct participation.

Ecologically based anarcho-libertarianism AND progressive democratically run republicanism will lead the future. The solution to our current governmental disaster is direct democracy. By directly collecting signatures on authentic ballot propositions, and allowing for the people vote on changing a law, we have the real power greater than the legislators and governors. These rights are authentic and people can change the constitutional law in 24 states!

The ability to kick politicians out of office, to stop bad laws, to enable the citizen grand jury and to get better people from the community in office is paramount to our survival right now. Broken politics puts all life on the verge of ending, true apocalyptic proportions are among us as the world slowly creeps towards oblivion. It’s time we put down the distractions or there might not be a future for us. Get involved in local activism through RIPAC and use our direct ballot propositions, let us help your community, help us help you empower your future. Join us and let us know how we can help.

Our top priority is working with the courts and direct rule of law, to change the courts, change the government, and change the regulations so they stop regulating regular people and they start regulating the corporations and the government. We don’t need to be at war at all right now. We can have real governance. We just have to literally “become the lawmakers.”

Through the actions of the people based on full consensus, not the ideologies, we can come redefine authentic republicanism. To have freedom in our world today, I see the need to explain the core of constitutionalism and the bill of rights.

As a compassionate, spiritually awake populous working towards freedom and prosperity, we can transition from a top-down de-facto government to a grassroots up, participatory, de Jure governing cooperative, run for and by the people.

Rather than being in control by the power of leaders with personal self-interests outside of our own, we all must become in control of ourselves and our own lives, and be the leaders our world is waiting for. Get involved and voluntarily participate in your community for the big issues with me and the people I influence. Perhaps that person is you and you need to connect with RIPAC and be a contributor for your local ballot projects .

Laws must be used to limit the powers of government for justice, rather than used to limit the power of the people. The entire system must be turned upside down essentially. The methods provided herein expose those solutions and strategies. It’s about you getting involved at least once a week as if our future means anything to you at all. There is no other way to change laws, not with a sold out legislature from the federal to the local. Only through ballot propositions can we 180 our direction. Only through collecting signatures, instead of watching on TV how corrupt politicians are, we know that, it’s time to do something about it.

Media today conditions people to accept the sad reality, and it makes people physically and mentally sick, to the point of complete complacency through their dehumanizing desensitization.

Where is the media we need that teaches people about solutions and directs them towards strategies to get involved? RIPAC is that positive media. We must expose the problems and direct people towards direct action. What media directs people to action items to save the nation? Every one of our initiatives can serve as model legislation to truly re-direct society and win. Our ballot access networking will bring us together and we will win.

We will empower the people and make politicians servants. Today, they are masters. We must return to the original intention of constitutional republicanism to achieve this goal.

Those among us who can influence the public to get involved will naturally be elected by us to serve in the manner of empowering citizens with constitutional limited direct democracy processes. Rather than have politicians who simply vote on their own ideologies, the new representatives will have access to technological solutions we are designing which enable education and consensus building of their constituency to determine their actions. Politicians of the future will be servants and true representatives for the people in their districts. The intelligent software we are working on to initiate our program will change how government serves us and reclaim the ideals of constitutional republicanism, using direct democracy. Does that make sense?

We are here to help evolve a general consensus among all supporters of peace and prosperity. This will include those of us who are not statists, who do not support big government solutions because we are aware that what we truly want is an authentic representation, for the government to serve us, not to be our controllers.  Local governance with our oversight is 100% voluntary but will get the job done. We will just need enough people to be educated to vote against the corporate propaganda against the people’s interest.

Many of our members may call themselves conservatives, others may call themselves liberals or radical centrists.

We ask that you will stop being divisive, and come together simply as Americans. Everyone from all ideological affiliations are invited to be part of the dialog with us, learn with us, and teach when you are ready for it. We are working to help our society look beyond partisan policies for united solutions that we can all agree with. If people disagree, they can start their own 5 aspect solution panacea like us. The deep politics of RIPAC include; QED, Ballot Access, Decentralized Currency model and Free Sustainable Private Land Use projects.

We publish information here about these three topics but to be brief and explain for the new visitors.

1. QED helps us in the most technological, logical and sophisticated way, develop some consensus even amount a broad audience of freedom lovers from the left and right wing of looking at government. In truth, we need both wings to fly.

2. Ballot Access lets us change laws, by a direct vote, it’s considered Constitutional Limited Direct Democracy Republicanism.

3. Decentralized Currency, this frees us from debt based monetary systems for a nearly 100% free independent money coordination system owned by us. We wouldn’t owe any outside bank, debt for borrowing, we would pay them based on the law and principle of giving investment back into the service  provided.  We should always invest in ourselves. The banks that run our economy invest in the corporations that are putting people locally out of business. That’s no good to lose economy continuously and to with inflation they just cover it up! It’s been going on for a while, but it can stop. Iceland did it. We need to do what they did.

4. The Free Sustainable Private Land Use projects would create the sovereign, eco-villages of the future. That’s right. That’s what RIPAC will do with your help. Our vision is to enable a future world. We will save the planet and politically , through consensus of the people, begin to shut down all industry that threatens our ecological balance further, when better solutions such as hemp can reverse our destruction.  We have to get involved and save our race, the plants, trees and animals, everything from annihilation.

We can take the human race to our highest potential for wisdom, prosperity, and peace. Unlike organizations of the past focused on centralized leadership. We envision an end to the corrupt debt-based monetary policy, the expanding war machine, the corruption in the courts, the corporate media propaganda and the destruction of our natural ecosystems and environment that is taking a toll on the planet and our health.

We seek to empower all of our members to bring out their inherent leadership skills and become directors a mutually envisioned future with us.

We work to create a future world that is free of political ignorance and apathy.

Using technology and our staple “Official Intelligence” program to teach people how to create the world of our dreams with us.

We are forging a destiny for humanity that will manifest a great epoch of freedom and liberty in the United States that will then influence the world, and lead towards global salvation from the tyranny of all kinds. We can see a direct path towards community-based, collaborative, proactive, consensus-driven constitutionalism. The results are unimaginable by some, but the word utopia certainly will have more meaning in the outcome that is possible in our very near future granted YOU participate in assisting a plan of action with us. The solutions will not come from the top down. They will not from the government to the people and likewise, they will not from this organization to the people either. They will come from the people using this RIPAC organization as a foundation for taking our government back into our hands, from the grassroots up. We are simply a tool for the public to use to forge our solutions into reality.

Our goal is to enforce and protect our bill of rights first and foremost. We must ensure that the local, state and federal government can not violate our constitution and that the people are a legitimate 4th system of checks and balances against corruption. Only YOU can make our vision come to life. In our blogs on vision, you can learn more. It is imperative that share, subscribe and participate in our action plans. Read on and begin on the path towards knowing what you can do. Knowledge is power.

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